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Antelope [04 Jun 2011|07:17pm]

click to painting to see more details and description
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[10 Jan 2008|10:14pm]
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Help an Artist out! :) [07 Dec 2004|08:53pm]

[ mood | quixotic ]

Hi Found Art friends,
I am slowing placing my special pieces of artwork around Greenville...but no comments yet to the website.

Also,I have entered the market place with a line of my own clothes and housewares. I happened across CafePress.com, which lets an artist place their own designs on items that are accessable to everyone. So, you can enjoy your favorite pieces without paying high prices. Some people might see this as selling out, but I need to raise capital to show my work at the American Craft Councils shows in Feb. and March. Please take a look at my shop at Creative Chick Studios,(http://www.cafepress.com/creativechick.com), you might find a stocking stuffer for a friend, relative or yourself.

I usually don't like marketing myself this way, but it is hard being a full time artist in this crappy economic times. :)

Happy Holidays,

PS: I think I am going to have to get me a Found-Art t-shirt from Cafe Press, too!!!

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Hi Art People [26 Nov 2004|01:11pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I just joined Found-Art.com this week and have decided for the holidays to spread art around my city. I don't think anyone else has done this in Greenville,SC....so let's see if I attract any attention. Let me know if you have any pointers or good ideas.

I keep a blog at http://creativechick.blog-city.com if anyone wants to come over and read about my artwork, other artists, or whatever pops into my head. I have blogged about Found-Art.com and hope others out there in blog land have read it will join me in this cool adventure!!!

Keep on creating!!!

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All you artists and such [05 Jun 2004|09:24pm]

Join my new community art_or_not.
It's an art contest community which will begin once we have a theme decided upon and some members!

Come on over and give us a look-see.
It's all about the fun.
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found art enthusiast... [27 May 2004|11:39pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hey everybody, just wanted to post here since no one has in awhile. In case you are dying for something to do over memorial day weekend to help pass time while camping or spending time outside:just wanted to share that I went to the lake today and found tons of bottle caps, various pieces of weird plastic, driftwood,etc... all things I intend on using for art... somehow. Now I already had a purpose for the bottlecaps. Well, I saw a great idea in beadwork zine where you flatten the sides, glue some seed beads in the middle, then poke two holes on each side, wire them together and make a bracelet out of them. Cool idea!(recycle at the same time!!)Some other found art enthusiast used everything he found to make jewelry, like a bracelet, necklace, etc... something along those lines, wish I had pics to share but I don't. I just got a new digital cam, much better than my cheapo one for $30 bucks, so hopefully I'll figure out how to post here soon. Laters!!!

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is it just me?? [09 Apr 2004|11:12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Am I the only one who wishes I could just check in a box "non-participant" in all the easter hooplah???? I am forced to jump in, which is all fine and dandy but it just takes me away from my true calling....making art for the stranger who sits on a bench in the park at just the right moment? Dare I make a basket for him with fake pink grass and plastic eggs filled w/ malted milk balls??? Oh I gotta, I just gotta now. This is why I come here, to speak out of my mouth(or keyboard) something that just wouldn't ever occur to me otherwise, and do it.Honestly, the thought didn't occur to me until just now.:)

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New here [01 Apr 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | inspired ]

Hello...oh my god am I glad to have stumbled upon this community/website. Some days you just think all this endless searching for creative resources won't amount to anything, and then bam! I am one of those people who knows they are creative, who knows they need to speak and put their thoughts out into the world, but who worries that everyone who currently knows them will go 'what is she doing?'. So I sit and chew on ideas and see all my creativity in my head...when I would rather it be out in the world. So...I will participate in this 'found art'...I'm not sure how yet, but it will be my project starting now. I can't tell you how much inspiration this gives me, and I love being inspired. The only difference here is that I can follow through on this inspiration because it doesn't involve any form of evaluation, or education, or risk of exposure...it has a lovely (although not totally) anonymous quality that draws me in. Thanks for this website...I'll be a regular.

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ARISE!!!!!! [26 Feb 2004|12:50am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey, what happened here? Did everyone just go to sleep and not wake up? I'm hoping there is someone out there interested in this because I JUST heard of found art, and it really didn't come to me thru the found art website, it came to me from someone who came up w/ the idea of artrovertism, or so they call it. You just make art, & leave it for someone to enjoy.Some try to get money for the art, some(like me)don't and are just content to get their art "out there". I did this on valentine's day with a bunch of handmade valentine's. I hid them on the local college campus. I'm excited to do it again, but I'm trying to come up w/ something to do next, then someone from one of the other rooms mentioned found-art.com GREAT idea. As someone who has mostly worked in libraries for the past 10 years we have found some of the weirdest stuff in books, from checks to love notes to freaky notes to i.d.'s... you name it. But I didn't keep them, I just didn't have a reason to... and now I do. I love this and really all it will take is a little participation on my part. If anything, I could just advertise the website on my contributions. Anyway, I hope someone is still alive out there and I look forward to hearing about art adventures!!!! If you are into this check out the royal journal of found art, that's great too. just type that in on a yahoo search engine and it'll give you the link.

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Welcome! [01 Jul 2002|07:54pm]
[ mood | excited ]

This community has been created for members of Found Art to talk about their experiences making and sharing their art.

If you'd like more information about Found Art, please go to found-art.com.

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