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Hey, what happened here? Did everyone just go to sleep and not wake up? I'm hoping there is someone out there interested in this because I JUST heard of found art, and it really didn't come to me thru the found art website, it came to me from someone who came up w/ the idea of artrovertism, or so they call it. You just make art, & leave it for someone to enjoy.Some try to get money for the art, some(like me)don't and are just content to get their art "out there". I did this on valentine's day with a bunch of handmade valentine's. I hid them on the local college campus. I'm excited to do it again, but I'm trying to come up w/ something to do next, then someone from one of the other rooms mentioned GREAT idea. As someone who has mostly worked in libraries for the past 10 years we have found some of the weirdest stuff in books, from checks to love notes to freaky notes to i.d.'s... you name it. But I didn't keep them, I just didn't have a reason to... and now I do. I love this and really all it will take is a little participation on my part. If anything, I could just advertise the website on my contributions. Anyway, I hope someone is still alive out there and I look forward to hearing about art adventures!!!! If you are into this check out the royal journal of found art, that's great too. just type that in on a yahoo search engine and it'll give you the link.
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