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Hello...oh my god am I glad to have stumbled upon this community/website. Some days you just think all this endless searching for creative resources won't amount to anything, and then bam! I am one of those people who knows they are creative, who knows they need to speak and put their thoughts out into the world, but who worries that everyone who currently knows them will go 'what is she doing?'. So I sit and chew on ideas and see all my creativity in my head...when I would rather it be out in the world. So...I will participate in this 'found art'...I'm not sure how yet, but it will be my project starting now. I can't tell you how much inspiration this gives me, and I love being inspired. The only difference here is that I can follow through on this inspiration because it doesn't involve any form of evaluation, or education, or risk of has a lovely (although not totally) anonymous quality that draws me in. Thanks for this website...I'll be a regular.
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