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found art enthusiast...

hey everybody, just wanted to post here since no one has in awhile. In case you are dying for something to do over memorial day weekend to help pass time while camping or spending time outside:just wanted to share that I went to the lake today and found tons of bottle caps, various pieces of weird plastic, driftwood,etc... all things I intend on using for art... somehow. Now I already had a purpose for the bottlecaps. Well, I saw a great idea in beadwork zine where you flatten the sides, glue some seed beads in the middle, then poke two holes on each side, wire them together and make a bracelet out of them. Cool idea!(recycle at the same time!!)Some other found art enthusiast used everything he found to make jewelry, like a bracelet, necklace, etc... something along those lines, wish I had pics to share but I don't. I just got a new digital cam, much better than my cheapo one for $30 bucks, so hopefully I'll figure out how to post here soon. Laters!!!
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